Episode 30 - Graceful Grizzly Podcast

Ep #30 – Mexican Chuck E. Cheese, Y2K & Gen Z vs. Millennials

Mar 23, 2021 | Episodes


Nightly News

  • Florida man moving to North Carolina wins $500,000 thank to lucky fortune cookie numbers
  • In the isolated grief of our pandemic bubbles, we are all Wanda Maximoff
  • Toddler Survives Fall From 12th-Story Balcony Thanks To ‘Hero’ Delivery Driver
  • Sewage Workers Find A Giant Rat Inside Mexico City’s Sewer System

Quick Questions

  • Best rock band from 2003? By @HeartforHisname
  • How big was your beanie baby collection? By @mommysaurus_rex1
  • If Jnko jeans came back into style, would you wear them? Also did you have Pogs? By @spyder_0

Deeper Dive

Discussion about things that Millennials do that are no longer cool according to Generation Z

  • https://www.wfla.com/news/florida/florida-man-moving-to-north-carolina-wins-500000-thank-to-lucky-fortune-cookie-numbers/
  • https://mashable.com/article/wandavision-grief-pandemic/
  • https://www.huffpost.com/entry/toddler-survives-fall-balcony-hero-delivery-driver-vietnam_n_603e7c97c5b601179ec0f02d?ncid=APPLENEWS00001
  • https://9gag.com/gag/aP71Oon

Intro Music Credit

Intro Music, “Little Ashes” by Atlas Arrows, Remixed by Pat Linehan - Free Download